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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 3rd 2015

time moves so fast, we all seem to run out of time to get everything done that we want to get done.  When I have days off it is no different the day before which happens to be today I start planning all the things I want and Need to get done on my days off.  These are not things that I could not do right now before going to Work on my Friday but these are things that like my sister says these things take me in the world of people... now these people I think the Lord for them everyday in not for people I would not have a full time job that takes away my life so I can go out among these same people that I see all the time.... Now you would think I would want 2 days away from them which is what I like to do but I did not do the stuff I needed to do before my 2 days off...
The whole point for rambling on about nothing is this is how my brain thinks before my days off and this is why when I sit in The Shake Shop and look out of all these windows at the nature I wonder why do we live in the busy busy busy days... So I try to slow down get my body relaxing a little I need to get the grass mowed since it is starting to dry so I can go out and walk the yard to make me a track maybe I want to get the drive into a walking path, that's a thought oh no here I go again planning my days off...

Well I better stop for now and get going before I have to Go to my JOB for my Friday....
Have a Healthy Day

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