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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy Tuesday

This is my pre-friday and I am so happy this will be the 1st full day off I have gotten since the 7th and I am so ready....

Slept good last night starting waking up at 7:30 with my TN pain so I got up at 8 since the alarm was going to go off in 30 minutes I sat for an hour hoping the pain would get farther apart so I would be able to drink my Herbalife Mint Chocolate shake, finally was able to drink it and then I got into the shower the pain is coming a little farther apart.  I am going to have to print out information on trigeminal neuralgia since he doesn't have a smart phone and does not do internet.  He keeps saying I need to go to the doctor I keep telling him there is no since spending money I don't have since there is no permint fix at this time.  As long as I can keep getting a few hours of relief now sometimes it isn't a few hours but the last 5 minutes before it started again for just 2 minutes I can work though it..

I hope everyone has a blessed day I am going to have the best day ever rain I think will be todays weather but I will be working in doors so that is all good...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Living TN for short if you are not sure what that it is Google it not nice and I am so Lucky ( should win the Lottery) I'm one of the 20,000 our of 200,000 that lives with this pain daily... I can come and go or it could stay with you for a very long time and that is what this round has done.  I found out that it had started again when I thought I was having tooth ache... wrong.... after I was proven that it was not my teeth I came home and did some reading of Trigeminal Neuralgia I realized I was moved on to Stage 2 and this time it would hurt more often but less pain, down fall is it keeps me up at night.  But being the Lucky person I am... I also get the same pain that Stage 1 gets.(there is a few that do this)  along with the lighter pain more often I Still get the Sharp Pain that usually does not last long.. thank God.. and for you those of you that are as lucky as I am I do feel your pain and my heart goes out to you.

Now I know that people have been putting up with different kinds of pain for ever and I do feel for you I can only imagine what you are going though...

Now Herbalife has been in my Life since 1999 and I can't imagine my life with out it.  I have talked to my Dr. Luigi and I started take 2 times a day what helps me so much and will keep doing it.  " I AM HERBALIFE"

the whole point of starting this is to vent about my day yesterday... I started off the morning hurting as soon as I wake up (was able to sleep though the night no pain) took longer then day before to stop hurting was easy to get the small pain but did my best to keep it to bad, got home from work had the pain seems to come more often... shorten time of NO pain.... but Last night I went to sleep right away and then at 2:30am I don't know if I had to go to bathroom or the Pain woke me up... I tried to lie real still hoping it would stop.....(here's my luck again) Stage 1 PAIN came had to get up and I want to tell you it was hurting bad. (luck again) that sharp pain lasted for 1 hour non stop that is the longest this has happened and I pray it is a One time deal....the good news is after an hour I was able to get to sleep painless until alarm went off at 6:30 to get Marvin up for work but that pain was short and I got to go back to bed until 7:15 and then I have decided I am Blessed I Got to wake up not dead and have a wonderful Husband that is so good to me and start my day with my shake sharing it with the ferret and drinking my aloe and starting my day......and yes I have started out the day in pain but this is a way of life and everyone has their problems and we don't know what they are but Please try not to be unhappy and if someone you meet is having a bad day and is taking it out on you try to remember you don't know what that person is going though... I try not to let the pain I have gets taken out of anyone else it is not their fault....

Have a blessed day everyone and please take your Herbalife to stay healthy

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 3rd 2015

time moves so fast, we all seem to run out of time to get everything done that we want to get done.  When I have days off it is no different the day before which happens to be today I start planning all the things I want and Need to get done on my days off.  These are not things that I could not do right now before going to Work on my Friday but these are things that like my sister says these things take me in the world of people... now these people I think the Lord for them everyday in not for people I would not have a full time job that takes away my life so I can go out among these same people that I see all the time.... Now you would think I would want 2 days away from them which is what I like to do but I did not do the stuff I needed to do before my 2 days off...
The whole point for rambling on about nothing is this is how my brain thinks before my days off and this is why when I sit in The Shake Shop and look out of all these windows at the nature I wonder why do we live in the busy busy busy days... So I try to slow down get my body relaxing a little I need to get the grass mowed since it is starting to dry so I can go out and walk the yard to make me a track maybe I want to get the drive into a walking path, that's a thought oh no here I go again planning my days off...

Well I better stop for now and get going before I have to Go to my JOB for my Friday....
Have a Healthy Day

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good Morning to you all that are reading this which I don't think anyone is.  So I feel like this is like my daily journey I think everyone needs to write in these in my days (never thought I would say that) we called the books diary's... but I feel like it is part of my relaxing time to sit here at the computer looking out 4 windows to the wonderful out doors.  To think about everything I am blessed with I was given another day to enjoy I have the choice to choose to have the kind of day I have.  I am blessed with my sight where I can look out these windows and watch the nature.  And then I stop looking and start thinking about what time it is and how much time I have to get ready for work...I get up and put some Aloe in my water to get my tooth ache out of my body...and when I come back in here where I can look out the windows again and remember all that I want to remember about this day...
I Hope if anyone is reading this that you choose to have a wonderful day.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday 3-12-15

Day off #2 I am staying home today and working on taxes...and paying bills of course,  Today is my sister Debby's birthday I don't remember to many times with her other then she was always there.  The times I remember was always Happy memories, I love my sisters and brother to the moon and back.

I am thinking that with this being my shake shop blog you want to hear words of wisdom from here well they might come but I'm better in person as far as talking with you about the products Herbalife has.  My name to The Shake Shop but I do not serve shake's and Tea I have some products but I have my shop at home so I have changed my way of talking to people.  I was becoming retail and that is not what I am.  I have been taking Herbalife since 1999 and I have the products that I use every day.  I have a few products that my monthly friends.  I like to work with people and make them my friends.  And when you call me and sit up a time that works for us both to sit and talk and maybe have a shake or tea and visit I can do health evaluations.  But we need time and then we can talk about the products that are for you.  Call me today

This morning I got out of bed and after getting dressed, I let Rascal out my ferret and of course when he gets out I have to make our Chocolate Mint shake that he is under foot... now you that have cats wish I can not and will not have but I think Rascal is like a cat would be, you have to take little steps or you will play roll the ferret.  Rascal and I have our shake and then I take the tablets that helps my body feel the best it has ever felt.

Then we run around for a little bit and now that it is my day off at home and working in my shop today Rascal can run the house all day.  He checks me out every time he goes back to check the house lets just hope he gets back to the liter box... lol

ok I need to get to doing the bills and taxes

Have a Healthy and Blessed day

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10th 2015

As you can see it has been so long since I have been on this blog.... so now for you that are looking at this now you will have to read the things I think about to put on this blog, good luck.
Let me start off with a little back ground I started taking and Loving Herbalife.  I am 58 years old and I feel good and I don't feel like 58 most days... I am not going to lie there are days that my body doesn't move like it does most days like today the shower sure felt good after doing the Herbalife world wide workout if you have not done you need to go to my facebook page and there should be a video where you can do.. but my body is feeling it today.  Here I sit at my desk in The Shake Shop I need to get a sign out by the road like Melinda Perfessional HerbalifeDistributor is in today.... I have not been to worried about the website because since I have moved back to the House I have been waiting for this room to be built Now it is done and Spring is in the air so I need to get busy letting people know how great this way of life is.
Now I will admit I have gained weight and got sloppy but do you know what? It is easy to get back in shape I have a morning and afternoon shake and then eat what I want at night.. I want the most of my calories in the food I eat.  So with having my two shakes in the morning I am getting full and I have the energy to get though my busy day.  For both shakes I only use 300 calories a day so I know how many calories I need to lose weight so I have the most for my snacks and my main meal.  The morning and lunch shakes work for me but they might not for you so let me know when you like to eat your big meal and I will help you know when to have your shakes.  Now my shakes are just made with water, PDM, Formula 1 so if you use anything else it will raise the calories.  Now I don't count my calories I have and it is so easy now.  But I have counted so I will know how much I need to eat.  Some people do NOT eat enough.... that is because all our lives (and that is alot for some of us) we are told not to eat to lose weight and I know that can be done but It isn't the healthy way look at those that starve their selves and end up in the hospital.  I have learned since 1999 that your body will not let go of FAT if you don't put nutrition into it so you have to eat shakes and food.  Your body will not let go of the extra Water Weight if it does not get water... if you don't get  enough water let me know I have a kick start you can do and it isn't that hard to do and then you can start drinking more and your body will pee... lol
I have also had allergies all my life and when I say allergies I mean the year around and yes I have test done and I am bothered with every tree, grass, weed, like I say I am allergic to everything indoors and outdoors... since 1999 and thanks to Herbalife I can go around my every day life with out a Kleenex in my hand to blow or wipe all the time.  If any of you are like that I feel for you but if you want to keep getting doped up with the meds that make your feel different (I have used those for years) I do know that the insurance pays for them.  That is your choice I Will Not tell anyone how to live their lives, because you no one is going to tell me how I choose to live my life.  I  just know what works for me..
I don't remember the year and there might be a blog on this site that tells what year it was that I realized I have Trigeminal Neuralgia for those of you that don't know see if you can look back but I will tell a little now.  I have it on my left side Two of the 3 main nerves on that side of the face.  When this TN decides to show up you never know or at least I don't I can go years with out it hurting but when it does it can last days, months (most time) and it is very painful.  It hurts to talk, eat, drink, touch, wind, sometimes it just hurts and it makes your head jerk.  I say it is like putting your finger in a electrical socket.. now I have never done that so I don't know but I imagine this is what it would feel like.  When I first realized what it was I wrote an email to Dr. Luigi with Herbalife and told him what I had, he said it was weird he had just gotten another email from Jamaica...  so I started taking some of the Heart Health tablets and I don't know how it works but it does seem to help fewer times that it hurts.  Oh don't get me wrong I still get the spells (like my grandmother used to say) and in during that time I cry my way though it.  But I will never stop taking the Herbalife that helps.
Now being the distributor I am Herbalife does not claim to Cure anything but I have found along with the experts that once you give your body the nutrition it needs, GOD made our bodies to heal it's self.  this is way I feel like I am in the best health that I have ever been in for the whole 58 years.
Ok now I need to close this. what you say? Yes sadly I do but I will try to write again and then maybe won't be so long.
Have a Healthy Tuesday or it is MY Friday.....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Have a very Happy and Safe New Year's Eve

Lets make this New Year into the Year to see your Dreams come True....  What is your Goal this Year?

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We can work together on making sure you reach your Goals for this year.... we can do this in person or by phone and Internet.... I am here to work with you and plus it keeps be in line....

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Have a Safe New Year's Eve and then lets get started