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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday 3-12-15

Day off #2 I am staying home today and working on taxes...and paying bills of course,  Today is my sister Debby's birthday I don't remember to many times with her other then she was always there.  The times I remember was always Happy memories, I love my sisters and brother to the moon and back.

I am thinking that with this being my shake shop blog you want to hear words of wisdom from here well they might come but I'm better in person as far as talking with you about the products Herbalife has.  My name to The Shake Shop but I do not serve shake's and Tea I have some products but I have my shop at home so I have changed my way of talking to people.  I was becoming retail and that is not what I am.  I have been taking Herbalife since 1999 and I have the products that I use every day.  I have a few products that my monthly friends.  I like to work with people and make them my friends.  And when you call me and sit up a time that works for us both to sit and talk and maybe have a shake or tea and visit I can do health evaluations.  But we need time and then we can talk about the products that are for you.  Call me today

This morning I got out of bed and after getting dressed, I let Rascal out my ferret and of course when he gets out I have to make our Chocolate Mint shake that he is under foot... now you that have cats wish I can not and will not have but I think Rascal is like a cat would be, you have to take little steps or you will play roll the ferret.  Rascal and I have our shake and then I take the tablets that helps my body feel the best it has ever felt.

Then we run around for a little bit and now that it is my day off at home and working in my shop today Rascal can run the house all day.  He checks me out every time he goes back to check the house lets just hope he gets back to the liter box... lol

ok I need to get to doing the bills and taxes

Have a Healthy and Blessed day

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