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Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm off to Wichita to watch Devlin in his 1st play I am so Proud of him.... Stepping out of a comfort zone.  I am also exceited and I better get off on this or I will now be getting there later.... but Shelly won't be off work until 4 so I don't have to hurry which is good....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday thought and To Do List

Flyers - Nutrition-  Health -
email- facebook

Lets talk are you always running- do you drive a long way?  Are you Ready to do something about it?  Call me today space is limited....
The Shake Shop
working from home

This is what I am going to be doing I will email/facebook/give out fliers /talk to everyone

Anyone is welcome to do this also just be sure to just put your name or if you want me to help you keep your customers then put my name and your name also so I will know who to can use the shop number if you want I will give you a call and set a time

Get your Products paid for or work from home it is great

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday everyone loves Fridays

I say everyone likes Friday and I know there is people that their week begins on Friday but I also know that your Friday can be any Day of the Week it is still one of your Best days.....

I Also Know that Life is To Short and that is something I have lived by my whole life living the Best I Can ... I believe that is all I can do and when my time comes for me to go home I will not have any regrets...

Ok that is enough of that for now.. I am choosing to make this Friday counts because I am Thankful for having woke up next to my husband the one I love
I am Thankful for being able to get up out of Bed and start my day
I am Thankful for all my aches and pains I had first thing because that made me know I could still have pain....then I know I didn 't wake up dead..
I am Thankful for my Lemon Cheesecake shake I had this morning
I am Thankful that I can work from home
I am thankful that I will be able to go to the Hotel and work tonight
Thankful for the beautiful day
More later

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What did you do today?

I did 1/2 hour of Exercise with Dr. Luigig which burned about 177 calories which was the amount of my breakfast this morning my moring shake on the front porch... Then I did general cleaning which I do everyday who doesn't.... that burned 180 calories I think it is so neat how if we stop and think about it how we burn calories that we eat every day even if you just stand all day at a job... did you know that people who stand at their job all day burn more calories a day then those the sit all day..... that is why I'm watching my butt... (off track sorry)  Ok I have breakfast and lunch taken care of so now I will have to think what to have for dinner and then I willl know how much more to burn doing my everyday work.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lets Do It

Starting Now....

School has started... Tourist season has a breathier the bus's are coming back......

But everyone is still busy just in different ways... since winter is coming we are going to do this a different way.....

Call and set up a time that works for you on a Weight Challange - Nutrition Class

We will do this online - phone - one on one coaching....

Commit today call email or facebook me or go to my website.....

Bring 3 other people you will get a Free Gift

Melinda 417-331-0302

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Things I am thankful for this morning. 
Today I woke up next to my Love Marvin what a wonderful thing to be given....
I am thankful because I was able to get up out of bed and start feeling the growing pains. 
I am thankful that my husband is able to ride his motorcycle to his job today....
I am thankful that I had my Herbalife to let me feel the best that I can...
I am thankful that I am able to go to work at The Dutton Inn tonight....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Open House

Today was the open house and it was so good.... didn't have any one come by except Gena and Hunter but I went out and sit on the porch with Marvin at the table every time he came up to rest from working in the yard.. It was nice to sit with him and watch the birds, squirrals and we even saw a deer.  Most the time on saturday Marvin works outside and I sit in here on the computer watching tv but I made sure I went out and sit with him all day....  I was hopeing that more would come but I guess they all had something to do..... Well I had a gift bag and I guess Hunter won it.... which is good since he was wanting it so bad.... well I am going to end this for now more later.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept 13th

Monday morning and a cool one at that.  When I woke up this morning and saw that it was 7:30 I thought what am I waking up so early for, then I remembered today was Monday and it was a work day.  I have to start cleaning for the Open House I am going to do some cleaning today and then tomorrow & this afternoon I am going to start calling people and see if they are coming to the Open House.  I am going to clean my laundry room while I am doing the laundry so that will be my exercise today cleaning.  I exercised with Dr. Luigig again yesterday and it was a good work out it is moving my shoulder so it will losen up. 
Well need to get started Talk more later

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday---What did you have for Breakfast

I Hope everyone is choosing to have a Great Day... Choose to have the best day that you want to have. 
What I have done so far today is to have my Rice Krispey Treat Shake ....what flavor did you have this morning?
After my breakfast I did my paperwork and then was some time for ME 
I exercised with Dr. Luigig...... I feel better for now when my legs and arms start hurting...
I have been reading on Face Book about all of you that are starting to exercise so that made me get busy.....

Ok don't forget about the Grand Opening of New Location on Saturday the 18th....

Have a Wonderful day

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Raining today and a little colder, but it is going to be a wonderful day.  Hope everyone is having a good day and just remember it is almost the weekend.... Getting closer to the Open House here at my new Location don't forget to stop by

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well it is Hump day and it looks like rain again.  I am going to buy my Ticket for the 2010 Herbalife Extravaganza today it is in LA this year in Oct and I can't wait to go.  My son Robert is going to go with me we are hoping for more people to go but right now it is just the two of us.  So if any of you want to go let me know and we will get you set up to go...
I am still getting ready for the Open House on the 18th I am trying to hold off doing to much until next week because I don't want to walk around everything all week.  I hope I have several people over that Saturday to find out what I have and sign up for some classes or parties....
Don't have much to say right now so I will close this for now
Have a Great Day

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I Hope that no one that is reading this knows what this word is.  but if you do I'm sorry but I too have TN and I would like to share my story.  When I went to Dallas Texas by myself to a Dana Johnson senimar is when I first found out what TN was.

You need to google it if you find out about it. I Did!  Ok the start of the story:

It was January and My Left Side of my Face and Jaw started hurting, first I thought it was my teeth, No Densist says no.  Doc told me it was teeth... So I Googled... and found out that the Sharp Shocking feeling that I had in my top Jaw and Bottom Jaw at the same time was Trigeminal Neuralgia which I can not say so I tell everyone it is TN which they all say TM and no totaly different... Anyway this got to where I had trouble eating, drinking, brushing teeth, and Talking, and yes not being able to Talk with out pain is hard for me but Once I suffered with the pain I could start talking with no problem...  The way I desribe the pain is getting electric shock.

Now this 1st time that I had TN it lasted 6 months and then it goes away as fast as it started....

Then the 2nd time I had TN it lasted about 3 months......

While this 3rd time I got TN is the time that I really want to blog about

On Aug 13 I knew I had Started with the TN again, so I emailed Dr. Luigig and found out what I needed to make sure I took to help

On Aug 16 I started the Niteworks -1 time at night time

On Aug 25 I started the Herbalifeline and Tri Shield and kept drinking the Niteworks

On thing about TN that is good and bad, is that it doesn't hurt while you sleep but when you get up in the morning it is like I have stuck my Nerve in a breaker box. 

So in Sept. 4th when I woke up that morning I did not have the electric shock, now I still have had a little pain but nothing like it usually has been...

So the 3rd time of having TN and getting on some target products from Herbalife I can say that in 23 days I believe that my TN is on the way out if not completely.

Ok Sorry this is so long but I needed to tell this story...


I Hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend.  Mine was great didn't do anything which was great.  This morning back to work, I started with drinking my shake out on my front porch.  Wow the flies know it is going to rain today they are thick here on the porch.  I am still sitting out here on the porch enjoying the weather.  I would like to Thank my Daughter Shelly for sitting up this blog for me she is great. 
So now if anyone wants to read my rambles they can come here instead of getting emails from me all the time.  Well I already had one of my customers call and set up a time to come tomorrow and buy some tea which is a good thing.  Marvin is still worried no one will come to the house and will stop buying but knowing how everyone loves these products I know that won't happen. 
Well I just wanted to test this and see if it works.....
More later