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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I Hope that no one that is reading this knows what this word is.  but if you do I'm sorry but I too have TN and I would like to share my story.  When I went to Dallas Texas by myself to a Dana Johnson senimar is when I first found out what TN was.

You need to google it if you find out about it. I Did!  Ok the start of the story:

It was January and My Left Side of my Face and Jaw started hurting, first I thought it was my teeth, No Densist says no.  Doc told me it was teeth... So I Googled... and found out that the Sharp Shocking feeling that I had in my top Jaw and Bottom Jaw at the same time was Trigeminal Neuralgia which I can not say so I tell everyone it is TN which they all say TM and no totaly different... Anyway this got to where I had trouble eating, drinking, brushing teeth, and Talking, and yes not being able to Talk with out pain is hard for me but Once I suffered with the pain I could start talking with no problem...  The way I desribe the pain is getting electric shock.

Now this 1st time that I had TN it lasted 6 months and then it goes away as fast as it started....

Then the 2nd time I had TN it lasted about 3 months......

While this 3rd time I got TN is the time that I really want to blog about

On Aug 13 I knew I had Started with the TN again, so I emailed Dr. Luigig and found out what I needed to make sure I took to help

On Aug 16 I started the Niteworks -1 time at night time

On Aug 25 I started the Herbalifeline and Tri Shield and kept drinking the Niteworks

On thing about TN that is good and bad, is that it doesn't hurt while you sleep but when you get up in the morning it is like I have stuck my Nerve in a breaker box. 

So in Sept. 4th when I woke up that morning I did not have the electric shock, now I still have had a little pain but nothing like it usually has been...

So the 3rd time of having TN and getting on some target products from Herbalife I can say that in 23 days I believe that my TN is on the way out if not completely.

Ok Sorry this is so long but I needed to tell this story...


  1. Wow it has been so long since I have had TN I have not thought about it. Don't get me wrong I wake up everyday thinking about it but it is so Different. Thanks to Cindy I looked up my blog and decided to post an update. Ok I never went to a Doctor when I had this once I found out it was not my teeth I looked up on the internet.. So I feel sorry for people like Cindy that having been taking meds to help. I never have, but I have been taking Herbalife since 1999 and I will take Herbalife for the rest of my life. But when I can take 2 small tablets a day along with my vitamins I'm all about that. And it cost less then alot of meds. But I have not had the pain of TN since. I Do know it has been 3 years and I don't have to wrap like a mummy any more.....Give me a shout if you want to talk...

    1. Hi. Please contact me. I am having the same Challenges.