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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What did you do today?

I did 1/2 hour of Exercise with Dr. Luigig which burned about 177 calories which was the amount of my breakfast this morning my moring shake on the front porch... Then I did general cleaning which I do everyday who doesn't.... that burned 180 calories I think it is so neat how if we stop and think about it how we burn calories that we eat every day even if you just stand all day at a job... did you know that people who stand at their job all day burn more calories a day then those the sit all day..... that is why I'm watching my butt... (off track sorry)  Ok I have breakfast and lunch taken care of so now I will have to think what to have for dinner and then I willl know how much more to burn doing my everyday work.....


  1. Is any one reading these? Doesn't really matter gives me someplace to talk to myself.....

  2. I think I will see how it is to update on this part.... I have finished cleaning house....dinner is cooking in crock pot.... last load of laundry in dryer... watching general hospital... Marvin is home at 6 and I just can't believe I am living my dream....