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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I Hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend.  Mine was great didn't do anything which was great.  This morning back to work, I started with drinking my shake out on my front porch.  Wow the flies know it is going to rain today they are thick here on the porch.  I am still sitting out here on the porch enjoying the weather.  I would like to Thank my Daughter Shelly for sitting up this blog for me she is great. 
So now if anyone wants to read my rambles they can come here instead of getting emails from me all the time.  Well I already had one of my customers call and set up a time to come tomorrow and buy some tea which is a good thing.  Marvin is still worried no one will come to the house and will stop buying but knowing how everyone loves these products I know that won't happen. 
Well I just wanted to test this and see if it works.....
More later

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