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Friday, January 28, 2011


I am starting a FREE exercise program... Are you the shape you want...NO...are you Ready to do something about it.

I know how you might feel I am on the Go all the time and I watch what I eat but I am still not in the Body that GOD gave me...but I don't want to spend hours in the Gym even if I had the time.... when ever you do get to the gym you ask yourself why not every day but then Life Happens...

well I want to have a FREE to any one programs that I can exercise but not have to kill myself... lets meet 1 time a week and I can be flexable with the times lets talk....

Ok I work on my Health everyday... for 11 years I have been doing this... now before that I DID NOT do anything healthy and enjoyed the whole 42 years... but I enjoy drinking my 2 shakes a day when I don't have them I miss them very much so I never go a day with out my Breakfast shake.... my glass of tea refreshes me but lately I have switched to NRG tea I need that mental alertness,.... do you know what I mean....

I have enjoyed my move to the house...and I know Marvin has. 

I can do so much here I can travel, I can do Scan's, wellness evaluation's, facials, Talk's we can just sit and talk about anything......and more and it is all FREE what do you have to lose????? 
I hope that people read this and pass it to others you know I have Help and I Need if this isn't for you pass it on if you want to talk let me know

That's all for now have to get back to the excerise

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