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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb 1 2011

wow welcome to feburary 2011 this is a way to have a first day wonder winter land for you like me that are sitting in the warm watching tv and on my lap top watching it snow after the sleet.  I feel wonderful but people that had or have to get out in the snow I am so sorry for you.. But I am Happy that I don't have to Go out and I don't want to go out and drive in this Wonderful Snow and Ice.... Here on Yocum Pond Rd we had wet streets with the drop of temp and then rain and then that made more ice then we had sleet that lasted until 8 am at non stop then Big snow fuffly flakes and then sleet then flakes it is now 11 am and it is still going.  I have heard from you in Wichita, Tulsa, Claremore and I Hope that all of you are Safe and yet I Know that you all are but as most of us know that once you have that gift from God to raise that you never stop worrying.....
Ok lets move on what I want to say is for the ones that on snowed in and would like to get together when the weather clears lets plan it Today..... I have the Facial Skin Care we can cleanse  our faces I know most of us get that dry skin so how about wiith all that baking that you all are making in during this snow storm I will bring the Skin Care so we can ACE our Face..... I even have the energy tea....
More later
Have a Happy Day

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