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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th 2011

I am so blessed just got back from a vacation with my Hubby Marvin, Daughter Shelly, Grandson Devlin... and I am telling you I had the best time ever... there was some times where I got upset with Marvin on the way he acted at times I finally reminded him that this was his vacation and if he wanted to do something if he didn't tell us we would not know...  which worked he got a little upset more if we didn't keep him in coffee and remembering when to tell us to stop for his smoke but when we did he always thought we was in a hurry to leave which we never was.. then the times he saw us what he thought was wasting money I have to remind him I had the money.... since we had to not do our trip to Omaha we came back with some money and that made him happy.  I got so many pictures to help me remember on the long weeks of working...

But I think we all had fun I know that Marvin and I had so much fun.... we didn't drive much which was nice we could look around and I could snap pictures which I don't take pictures... but Shelly and Devlin gave me a camera for my 55th birthday and it is so nice so I'm taking it to the hotel tonight so I can learn how to use it... 

Yellow Stone was so wonderful... we was in the car most of those first 6 days but we can always make car ride fun.. we did the finding things with the ABCs which I would like to be sure everyone the I WON... I'm just saying....the place we stayed at in Cheyenne wasn't the best place but it was all right for me and marvin... I don't think shelly and devlin liked it much but we had a nice place to sleep for a few hours and a free breakfast and ice... the drive to yellowstone starting to see the mountain was so excieting... the cabin in Cody WY wasn't bad it might have been because we had a good bed poor shelly was on a twin size bunk bed she found out how much she moved at night and we heard a few times that Devlin moved....but I know we all had fun and we got pictures of every animal except.... MOOSE and Wolf not seeing the Moose was bad and it gave us something to laugh about the rest of the trip.... I think I remember it coming up on the Day from HELL.... but we did finally get a rent a car, since Shelly has to go back up there to get her car we rented it because she can bring it back..when she picks up her car.
I can not believe that yellow stone is one big Volcano all the geysers around do you know that if that who place goes up at once we would have a hell of a mess..  it made me sad when we saw the burnt areas but then you see the new growth because of the fires it makes it better... to see the beauty of that place I am so happy we went.  The 4th day in Cody, WY we went to town and saw the miniture town which was awsume then we went to the Buffalo Bill Cody hitsory center and it was bigger then we thought and worth the money it cost to get in there... but I know I was and I think everyone else was tired by the time we got out of there... next to the cowboy gunfight for free in downtown Cody, and all I can say is it is a good thing it was free the ones that Silver Dollar City does in the square is alot better...we had a good mexican dinner don't remember the name but it is downtown and they talk about it at the gunfight... that made for the last day at Cody,WY the next day we was on the way to Rapid City, SD and it was starting to look pretty again the mountains was coming up then I got behind the wheel (I don't think my driving did anything) we was going up a big moutain biggest one we had and there was a big slow truck in front of us and I past it that is when the wrench and the suspention control light came on and we was not sure about it, we got out the book and found out that it meant that the car was confussed about the 4 wheel drive... so first turn off which shelly said is when the elevation was 9300 or some high number like that we pulled off and decided to turn it off I was afraid but we did it and wow we hated that we did it because it won't start we opened the hood and looked of course being so high I think we was above the towers Shelly started walking to find a cell signal and marvin Devlin and I sit and tried to figure out what they could do.. Devlin kept reading the book and looking finally he looked at the fuses and one way loose and we tried to start it and it worked and no lights we headed off to pick up Shelly and she had walked a long way.  Not to long after this the lights was back on and then the check engine light... we still had no cell phone service so we choose to keep going... Here is something I would like to ask who ever is reading this... If you are driving someplace where you know you don't have cell phone service if you saw someone that has the hood open and exspecialy if you stop at the same place that this car is would you ask if there is anything you can do? ...... Well we didn't have any one stop and the the two cars of people that pulled into the pull off spot we was in and didn't ask I would like to say somethings to you.... anyway we made it to one town and to the auto shop but they didn't seem to have time to talk to us they was talking on the phone with someone.. Shelly was talking to her insurance that she bought with the car she has had for 35 days they told her to go to a Ford Dealer... Devlin went in and asked the mechanic where the Ford mechanic was and it was over in the next town so we went off towards that town we called the Ford Dealer first and they told me that they couldn't look at it to find out what was wrong for 2 weeks.... what I couldn't believe they couldn't hook it up to the machine to find out if the lights was something bad then he said he could hook it up but they needed a machnic to see what was wrong and that would be at least 1 week... Ok what is a person suppose to do when you are finishing your vacation and you don't have 2 weeks left... we called everyone 11 auto shops in Sheridan WY and no one could look at it for 2 weeks.... busy lots of out of towner with car problems..... But when we pulled off on exit 25 since that was where most machnics was the car died..... shelly pulled over and there was a city worker that stopped mowing and came over to ask if we had a cell phone and was all right.... Shelly finally found C&C auto that came and looked at it and called the boss that brought a tow truck to take it to the shop to hook it to a machine was not going to gty anything but would look at it.... More then the 11 or more people we called... this was about 1 and at 7 oclock we ended up getting a motel room..... The car would need a new transmission and guess what?  You got it.... two weeks before it could be done.... DOES EVERYONE KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING FASTER.... but we really liked these people at CC auto they stayed opened until 7:00 2 hr after they closed and gave us a ride to the hotel they also worked with insurance which they didn't normally since the insurance companies didn't like to pay but they did... when we got to the hotel we had talked to everyone in Sheridan, WY tring to rent a car 1 way...which no one does and sorry don't know how you are going to get home...... we had dinner at the hotel which was very expensive but our grandson being the young man he is bought our Dinner and that was so nice of him.... Thanks Devlin... we went back worked on computers tring to find out what we could do, we finally found that bus tickets back to wichita was the only way... we went to sleep decided that at 9pm the next day we would get on the bus and go home...the next day we got up went to a great free breakfast that was good.... nice hotel if you find your in Sheridan WY which I would tell you to get away fast then the Best Western on 216 N Main you need to stay there not cheap but nice..... I did get the room for at least 1pm which helped being that the bus didn't leave until 9 that night.. and we did find out it stopped at a quick shop so no place to wait... what to do with out a car all day long... Robert my son started working on getting a van to come get us.... we kept thinking about what to do and then it came rent a round trip van.... Shelly had to come back so we figured how much it would cost us just as much to rent a mini van round trip and then we could go to Mt Rushmore since we was so close.... so we checked and guess what we could do that.... we all ready lost 1 day on hotel since we was stuck in Sheridan Wy the town from HELL and by the way most of the people in Sheridan are rude...... they claim they are a vacation town but they don't know how to treat the people that have car trouble in their town so be careful if you go to the 12:30 the next day we did get the mini van rented our stuff in and at about 1 or after we was on the way to Mt Rushmore to finish our vacation.... we all felt better was leaving the town from Hell behind us.... we got to Rushmore by that evening looked around and even went to Crazy Horse and watched the night show there we missed Mt Rushmore's night show because it had started to rain and we thought it would keep raining it didn't and I wish we would have stayed but we was at Crazy Horse so we stayed for that one... we went to the hotel that we had missed one night at but got to stay one day it was a nice room and we had a good breakfast the lady that checkec us in that night was the nicest one that shelly had talked to at that place so the next morning the manager happened to have his door opened so shelly went and gave him a talk about his staff....  we got back into the van and headed back to wichita but first a day at Wall Drug in SD which is a tourist trap and all kinds of shopping.... marvin said he found out that shelly, Devlin and I only got tired of shopping when we ran out of shops.... after Wall Drug we started to the Car Henge in NE it is a neat place to go it is free but don't forget your bug spray..... after the pictures of that and now the long drive to Wichita,  Marvin of course wanted to save the 40 dollars and drive straight thru which would have gotten us to Wichita at 8:30 am Shelly and I decided we could aford a room and stayed at a howard johnson not sure what town but it was 2 in the morning and we wanted to get an early start back but another good breakfast free at the hotel and on our way the last day we stopped at Gothenburg, NE and saw the first Pony Express Post that was a nice stop and then back in the car.....  we finally made it back to Wichita around 2 that afternoon and had planned to sleep for 2 hours and then go out to Thalene's my sisters and enjoy the 4th of July celebration.... it was so nice to be with the family and fireworks was great and then back to Shelly's that night when I was asleep shelly decrorated for my birthday and even went out and got me an ice cream cake so we had Ice cream cake for my birthday breakfast......   Shelly took us to Best Buy so she could buy me a camera which is great thanks shelly... Marvin and I headed back to MO we had a great drive home and we was glad to be back in our little house.  On the 4th I did laundry unpacked everything went to the grocery store and came home and had a night BBQ and relaxing evening at home... Today we go back to work and I am looking forward in seeing everyone at the hotel... Thanks for reading about my vacation and I hope for those of you that are taking a vacation have fun no matter what happens and for those of you like us that have not taken a vacation in years do it..... you are missing out I found that out....

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