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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Listened to Dani Johnson this morning before my 1 appointment and after my appointment... After Dani was asking me How many people I had taked to yesterday and I hate to say that I didn't talk to any a big  ZERO and I have more days of zero then I have even 1 which is why I am having to get a part time job to reach on of my goals of a vacation... then I thought well I talked to Nick today and so I was so proud of my self and then Dani said "are you one of those people that say wow I talked to one person today... my day is over..." wow that hit home.  So my Goal for tomorrow is talk to 10 people and get to know the people I am going to olde english inn my job to the ribbon cutting.  I need to master the skill of FORM like Dani says.....I will get to know everyone on Downing street since I want to reach my goals in 2011 I need to get out of my comfort zone and get into action.  I think for Linda to get me listening to Dani again I am going to go to another live meeting but until I can get there I will be listening to Dani all that I can.   I am tried of being in the same place. If I don't change I will be in the same place that I am now so I need to change... I need to live by design.... I believe I can reach my goals of vacation- garage-room for shop...

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