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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Summer is finally here the weather is hot and muggy I love it... I did finally turn on the A/C so we could cool off a little... My grandson is here helping Marvin get rid of this old trailer on the property.  They are doing a good job, this morning they have mowed the grass and now they are resting before starting on the trailer.  But I started a movie so they are watching it so we will see when they get out there but I will not say anything since I am not out there working in the hot. 
Had a choc peanut butter shake this morning and not sure what one I will have for lunch.  Going to go to work at Ye Olde English Inn I work there part time so I could save money for the vacation we will be going on at the last of the month.... I am so exceited about it, we are going to Yellow Stone Park and Mt rushmore and I have never been there and I am looking forward to going... 
Hope you have a great day....
and don't forget to take your Herbalife today and if you are not taking Herbalife you need to get with me and start you will feel so much better and we can do it on your budget....


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