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Saturday, June 4, 2011

saturday night

Ok I have been at the Inn since 3 and all the restaurant servers are gone and the bar is about to close and so I just can't wait for that so I can go up to bed...  There is a couple here that checked in this afternoon they was staying at LaQuinta last night and hated it and was going to just leave town but they made a wrong turn and drove into Hollister and saw the Riverstone Restaurant decided to eat here and then Jeremiah told him to check out our rooms.... they did and told us our cold coffee was better then the warm coffee at LaQuinta's and they loved the room.  They are staying in the Blue suite which is the one I love and just came out and asked if this was unusally that we didn't have more people.  Told her we didn't have that many yet we still didn't have the word out good and she said they would tell everyone because they loved it... everyone that stays loves it... so maybe we will be getting busier... we still have 3 FEMA people staying so as long as they stay we will be haveing the overnight shift which makes me have to spend the night 1 day a week and that is all right the beds are great.  Marvin doesn't like me not coming home but it is just 1 night now so it isn't a big deal.

Devlin is staying with us until we go on vacation helping Marvin take down the old trailer.  He is doing a great job helping I don't know if he thinks it is worth it I hope I will be able to save some money that I can give him to spend on vacation.  We went to SDC last thursday and I will take him someplace this next week or I might just see if he wants to save the money for the vacation but I think he likes being able to do somthing....

Wow the Bar closed so now I can go lock my door and go upstairs and get ready for bed... I am so tired probably won't be able to sleep but if not I will just write on this some more....

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