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Friday, June 17, 2011


Thank you for this wonderful day... woke up next to Marvin got the rest of the housework done and still have 7 hours before I have to do anything but drive to the bank...
I came out on the porch this morning before my shower and sit with Marvin for a few minutes wow is it nice to live far enough out of city limits where you can do that. Then when marvin went to work I got my lemon cheesecake shake and drank it on the porch... got my NRG Tea and back at the porch... swept and sit for a while longer but battery is dieing need to get in to the plug...ok have my contacts in and drinking my aloe now... wondering if I want to go to the bank this morning before the rain comes but looking darker might be to late I might wait until this afternoon and see what happens....ok talked myself into 
wow just opened an old email and thought it was new went into print and noticed what happened at least I did it before I printed...
well I think I am going to drive to the bank and get that out of the way....

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