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Saturday, June 4, 2011


ok there was this guy that walked in tonight wanting a room at the inn but we must have been to expensive for him... I don't think he was drunk he was drinking water said he was from Arkansas and he seemed a little wierd.  He left didn't think anything about it, then my guest come in about 10:30pm when the bartender left after 11 she heard someone groan so she came into get her boss to walk to the car with her and that is when they saw this man face down in the street all bloody (well I don't think they knew that until they turned him over) they called 911 and all the ambulance, fire, cops came and when they turned him over saw that he was all bloody and had lost alot of blood not sure what happened I don't think he was drunk he walked up and down these stairs good thing he didn't fall down these stairs we would have been responsable then.... Ann the bartender was telling the ambulance he had been there since 10 I told her no the people with the car he was by didn't come in until 10:30 and they would have seen him and would have almost hit him so we knew it had to be after that... we was hoping he was not desperate enough to hurt himself to have a place to stay.  I guess he just walked off the curb but I still am not sure he was drunk could have been which makes me think when I took him up and down the stairs wow I could have had him hurt in here.... 
Well I was so tired before and now I'm not so I guess I will stay up for a little bit....
I might go into the room and turn on the tv to see if that will make me tired....
good night

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