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Sunday, June 12, 2011

my views

Ok Marvin just left and so fox news is on and I love to get my news from here but I DO NOT listen to it all day but to the point... imagine that from me.... About this Weiner that is all about it now.... ok we all know what he did... and do you know I really don't care about it right now... when we vote we can work to get things to be better but if so old dude wants to make a fool of his self.... when he knows he is in the public life... this tells me he is ready to change his life.. it is not the way I would of or would tell anyone to... but he choose to do this and so stop giving him the publicity .... Do you know when people talk it is the best Advertisement a person can get.... do you know that we all are salesmen.... I sale myself every minute I open my eyes every morning... Ok sorry I am just now drinking my shake this morning so my shake is what gets my mind, body, soul, starting the day making it the best day of my life..... life is so short and so I have learned to live with what I am given and do the best I can to live in God's way. 
Now I have had my shake and tablets... I have moved outside and enjoying this beautiful day...and I'm drinking my NRG tea and thinking about what I am going to do today.... Marvin has gone to work Devlin is at his popo's and I am off to work this afternoon to Ye Olde English Inn I love working there and I always want to love my job I don't ever want to get where I do not want to go to work... when I get to that spot I always change the directions I am taking... The way thing I will not be in the middle of is a power war... I love to listen and I will but I do not and will not take sides.... and this is something I always try not to do... if you have a problem I think we all should put our heads together and figure out the what is best for us all.....the thing I don't understand are the lairs the people that wants the most attention...why must they lie I had my time where I told stories which had more make believe then truth... I still tell stories about how I know people who have had great results with Herbalife.... but the biggest difference is that I will not tell any thing but the Facts... but it is a sad thing to see all the people that have not grown out of or learned the difference between a lie and the truth...
Now for my burning of calories my Raspberry tea is doing this.  I will be buring 70-100 calories with this glass of tea and the energy that I will have all day. 
Ok back to this day everything is wet from the morning rain guess there was a strom that went thur this morning power was off when we got up....slept right thur.. all the trees are so green and I can here all the birds and squirrels.. the hum of a truck in the distance but the flies are thick so sorry to say I moved back into the house.. changed the lanudry and now watching a movie.   Now becomes the count down on getting everything done, while relaxing before I go to the inn for the night.. I wonder if the Pub will be opened tonight.... When is the grand opening of the pub? 
I guess I will end this and get some stuff done... oh one more thing...

UUGGHH!!!!!!!!!!  JUST 10 MORE DAYS BEFORE VACATION AND I have not opened my suitcase..... I will never be ready in time.... ha ha haha

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