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Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20th 2011 First Day of Spring

Wow it has been a while since I have been on this blog not that is matters no one reads it and that is fine. Because this is a place I can keep a log of what happens in my daily life...

If you are reading this thank you for care enough to found out about me..

This morning and what a wonderful day I was with the love of my life Marvin my husband.. after he went to work I left the doors open got my wii and went to netflix and found the dance show that I have learned and started to do when I say learn that is what I'm doing did 30 minutes and now I am on the couch typing on this.. but I will be doing no less then 30 minutes a day to get to where I can do this whole show. 
Went to SDC friday and had a good time got to see people I have known for years and like Martha told me it has been 15 yrs since Martha and I met.  Hadn't realized I have been in Missouri that long... 
One thing I want to make sure everyone know what you should be doing every day... when you wake up have a shot of Aloe to fix your insides and then have your morning shake to get you started don't forget your vitamins and water that water is so important it helps wash all the gunk out of your body... this may sound gross but if you are not talking about poop and how you need to have a good poop like Dr Oz says you should be.... then you can have a clean body so you can fill it again today.. we all need to get our body started so don't forget to do some strecthing and then the exercise of your choice mix it up like I do then you don't get tired of this... I have also like I said going to start going to SDC since I love that place and the people and I get in free this is the best place to get my walking done... so buy you a season pass if you don't get in for a good price now. 
Ok it is post like this that I am not sure I care if anyone reads this since when I write here things just pour out of my head and they are sometime all jumbled....

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