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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

This is the day where everyone is suppose to thank the service men and women but I say why just one day everytime you see a vet you need to thank him or her and their family for their service. 
Just  saw people complaining because the presendents were not at the place they thought they should be on Veterans day but what I want to know is what they did for the Vet's today?  It helps with me working at a Hotel but there is not a day that goes by when I meet a vet that they don't hear me thanking them for their service.  What is it with people pointing out everything that is wrong with a person and you don't hear much of the good things people do.  I am not saying I'm not as bad at this as anyone else because I am but I think we all need to try harder to see the good in people everyday.... No One is perfect the only one I know that is, is GOD. 

Tomorrow is Friday and it is the last day of the week for alot of people, some it is the beginning of the week... but it is funny to me how people look forward all week long for their Friday... what is up with the rest of week?  Don't wait to enjoy tomorrow for tomorrow never comes..... If you choose to make each day the best day ever you might just start enjoying everyday that you wake up and are able to get up out of your bed and be able to go to work......

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