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Thursday, October 14, 2010


ok I hate this word... but I love the way I use this word... I need it but I have always used it in my own way.... have you seen the comerical about that weight that you shake for the chest and boobs well I am opening my Aloe and I have to shake it well this is good exercise for my arm that is locking up on me and I will not have it... and when I woke up this morning my TN hit me and hard made me cry... I am so tired of this and it hurts so much but back to my story. I am using the shaking of my Aloe getting it ready to drink so I decide to shake it like one of those shake weight I have seen... do you know what I mean?  well that is my thought on this at this moment I will be back with another one soon....


  1. ok I have seen lots of you driving by but you don't stop why not? I know u want to ask questions come by and have lunch with me. Call ahead to make sure I will be here....

  2. Aloe mango flavor... first time for me and I will drink it but over the 11 years I Love the Flavor of Aloe I can feel it working so that makes me like it more. But for you that don't like the flavor this Mango flavor is for you....I will get use to the sweet taste but I get the most enjoyment from choclate with my shakes the pie are good I know my hubby and I ate the heck out of the fudge so maybe I will make some more

  3. still drinking the aloe and it is working went to pee after my warm up and shoulder rub. ok on this blog spelling doesn't count like all those emails that say you don't have to have all the letters in the right place so I know you all can read my spelling as well as me.... why they put so much thought into spelling in school, I'm 53 years old and I still can't spell and I believe I am doing pretty darn good....this aloe is going to help all this bad stuff in me that is making my TN keep hurting and my arm so I am doing something about it.....