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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Why do some of us have Stress.... everyone has stress there is times people tell me not to be so stressed and I don't even feel stress but with myTN I now know when I'm stressed... It seems to hurt more but there is times it hurts and I don't feel like I am stressed.... so I breath and focus and everything is all right.....

How do you handle your stress?  I don't think I am as stressed as some may think I am I don't like to be late to anything and I get excieted if it looks like I am going to be late.... some think that is stressed and it probalby is but I don't feel like it is...
Ok now I'm stessing myself out because I'm repeating myself.... lol I couldn't help that ok I warned you about my thoughts that I put on this....

Talk more later
Have a great day

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