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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sometimes Life stinks...ok this is a site for me to ramble so here it goes.....I am going to CA with Robert for an Herbalife meeting... Cindy lives in Mounds and we are flying out of Tulsa and so I was thinking if Marvin would get Thursday, friday and sunday off he could drive us to the airport and then drive to Mounds spend some time to hisself and visit with Cindy.... Cindy is for it but Marvin has said no and I know it is his time but he always puts money out there.... Is he that worried about money since I have moved the shop  back home... he is always telling me that he can always get time off.  I wanted to do it different I wanted to talk to Cindy first and see if she had stuff around that he could do since Cindy didn't call until he was here and I had all ready mentioned it to him and then I think he got upset since I had talked to her before him.. it is all right it would be better if we had planned it I just didn't think about it until sunday.  On the call when I knew it wasn't going to go my jaw started hurting and got me so bad it made me cry. I hate that this happened when Marvin was here it has done it one morning and it is not good but what it is the most is stress and life so I am trying to get the stress under control but I can only live life and sometimes it gets hard.  But I have learned to live everyday to the fullest I have learned that I have borrowed this life and I thank GOD for letting me abuse this body and be able to hold my babies and my grandbabies and so many others.  The men I have Loved the man I Love Now... I would not change anything about my life, I had to live everything I did to be in the spot I am in now. And I Love my Life I have the Best Kids, Grandkids, Family that I have ever Dreamed to have........
Ok this sounds like I am thinking about dieing and that is Far from the truth so lets change our thinking.  What a day it is Tuesday and just 2 more days and I am off, I don't know if I will be able to write on this while I'm gone but I will try and I will be on for sure when I get back to tell everyone what is up....

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