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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ok another day of wasting time reading this.... I love talking on this it helps my mind..... I had 2 scabble eggs with 1 piece of cheese today. It was good but I have missed my shake this morning. that is so funny I weighed this morning and I am to 175 which is great  I still have love handles so advise for you people that don't have those....DO NOT LET ANY ONE start those love handles...what the heck why are they called that I am NOT in Love with these and never have been I am happy with my hips and thighs now my arms are getting less flabby (well as long as I don't look at them in the mirror's on motorcycle) but these so called love handles I am tired of back wrinkles!!!!!  And I DO NOT THAT!!!! (hope that postive thinking works)

I am ready for these 4 days but I don't feel that I am over excieted well maybe since I am already packed but I think you all know why I do that I added 2 more shirts today well probably don't need them but might... I am taking relaxing clothes since we sit most of the time I bought new show which I need to put on hold on....

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